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     At HS&S Metrology Service, we specialize in industrial measurement services, 3D scanning, and machine calibration. HS&S Inc. headquarters houses an ISO Accredited Facility and its own environmentally controlled metrology laboratory. HS&S Inc. combines cutting edge technology using CMM’s, OMM’s laser trackers, laser scanners and portable CMM arms with professional competency. Our highly trained engineering team consistently delivers quality service solutions that are innovative and industry proven, giving our customers the competitive edge they need. View our ISO 9001 certificate

Contract Inspection:

HS&S Metrology Services offers a complete line of CMM first article contract inspection services, including inspection and certification of all types of precision parts, production tooling, gaging, fixtures and structures. Our 2016 Nikon Altera Coordinate Measuring Machine is equipped with CMM Manager software, Renishaw motorized head and Nikon Laser Line Scanner. Our MicroVu Excel Fully Automated Vision Systems encompasses Video Based Vision Inspection and Renishaw Probe First article inspection services include capability studies and ISIR’s
With a wealth of knowledge and standards at our disposal, we are capable of performing all types of 3D measurements of all complexities, accuracies and resolutions. HS&S utilizes the strength and flexibility and state of the art 3D Measurement Equipment to assist us in the inspection of all types of parts. This has become a specialty niche within our organization.


In-house equipment in a temperature controlled laboratory:

2016 Nikon Altera CMM with probe and laser scanner
2016 Nikon Alto CMM with PH20 5 axis probe
2015 MicroVu Excel Non-contact Vision Measurement System
2015 MicroVu Vertex Non-contact Vision Measurement System
2015 Kreon CMM Arm with 8 foot spherical measurement volume
2016 Kreon 7 axis CMM Arm with High Accuracy Laser Scanner
2014 Leica Laser Tracker
2015 NanoFocus Optical Profiler for nanometer surface measurement/analysis
2015 Array of surface measurement and roughness equipment
2015 Array of various gages

A certificate of traceability and calibration is provided for every inspection and calibrated along with pass/fail criteria and pass/fail analysis. (SPC on request)
Calibration attributes & tolerances are permanently stored in our ION Simple Track Data Management software for all subsequent calibrations and part inspection.


Field Metrology Services:

Our application engineers travel all over California and Nevada equipped with the latest portable metrology equipment. We have performed medium to large part and structure measurement up to 125 feet. We can be at your facility on short notice and bring the best equipment and know-how to get the job done on time and on target.


Reverse Engineering:

Scanning and modeling a mechanical component requires an accurate 3D measurement with enough detail for it to be reproduced into a CAD model. At HS&S Metrology our state-of-the-art technology can digitize large and small objects with speed and accuracy. We’ve completed work for customers in aerospace, automotive, power generation, medical just to name a few.


Machine and software Training:

Our seasoned application people offer Beginning to Advanced training on CMM Manager, PCDMIS, MicroVu Inspec and Polyworks.

     To discuss how our services can meet your specific needs, please contact John Servin at John will provide you with a comprehensive quote for the requested services and direct you to one of HS&S's qualified engineers should you grant us the opportunity to perform a service.