Custom Machines

Custom Design Machining Centers

Fryer custom machines are designed for a customer’s unique task or group of tasks and then simplified for cost.  Fryer uses our standard frames as building blocks for these custom solutions.  In this way, we build machines for significantly less money that gives the customer exceptional productivity over a general purpose machine tool.  Our engineering expertise allows us to provide the customer with a complete turnkey solution. Fryer has significant experience with milling, drilling, laser, process automation and custom fixtures. 

Turn-Grind Center ID

Fryer’s innovative solution combines a turning center lathe with an ID grinder. High accuracy and automated operation for turning, grinding and dressing.


Key Machine Features:

  • GE Fanuc 21i Control
  • Custom macro programs
  • Precise 20,000 RPM high speed ID grinding spindle
  • Automatic dressing fixture for grinding spindle
  • Abrasive material protection package
  • High accuracy glass scales
  • Coolant filtration system
Horizontal Machining Center with
Arbor Support

This machine features Fryer’s versatile HR-60 machining center with a 50 taper spindle and horizontal arbor. Ideal solution for automated cross cut machining.


Key Machine Features:

  • HR-60 with full enclosure
  • 50 taper horizontal spindle
  • Custom arbor support
  • Custom hydraulic fixturing
  • High pressure flood coolant system
Turn-Grind Center OD

This extra large swing machine was developed for OD grinding of bearing journals.


Key Machine Features:

  • 50” swing over bed
  • Large diameter OD grinding spindle
  • Automatic dressing fixture with programmed cycles
  • Quick change toolpost for turning tools
  • Abrasive material protection package
  • High accuracy glass scales
  • Coolant filtration system
  • Custom macro programs


Gun Barrel Vertical Machining Center

This custom gun barrel VMC provides optimum support for machining specialty gun barrels.


Key Machine Features:

  • High speed Fryer VMC
  • Large capacity ATC
  • 4th axis rotary table
  • Automatic pneumatic tailstock
  • Dual pneumatic self-adjusting steady rests
  • Automated engraving cycles
  • Custom macro programs


Gun Barrel Turning Center

This custom gun barrel turning center is designed for threading and chambering operations on the end of gun barrels.


Key Machine Features:

  • Automatic clamping with barrel stop
  • High volume thru spindle coolant system
  • 12 station automatic turret
  • Custom programmed cycles


Horizontal Machining Center

Large capacity horizontal machining center designed to spin large aircraft parts in order to precision bore bushing on either side.


Key Machine Features:

  • 60” x 30” x 30” travels
  • Large capacity 24” rotary table
  • 30 HP, 50 taper spindle
  • 24 station arm-type ATC
  • 1 micron glass scales for X, Y and Z axis
  • Wireless part probe
  • Custom macros with automatic calculations


Extended Throat Vertical Machining Center

Custom VMC designed to machine a round 100” diameter part using a special fly cutter.


Key Machine Features:

  • Custom extended base casting
  • Custom extended ram providing 54” throat distance
  • Pneumatic counter balance system
  • 2 speed gearbox
  • 30 HP spindle motor


Milling & Forming Machining Center

Machine was designed for milling and forming operations on metal tubing.  This unique machine cuts an elliptical hole in tubing and auto inserts a forming tool which is captured by a hydraulic press mounted on the side of the head.


Key Machine Features:

  • Compact VMC
  • Custom tooling and fixturing
  • 24 station arm type ATC
  • 10,000 RPM spindle with refrigeration unit
  • Bar code scanner for selecting programs
  • Automatic part cleaning system


Traveling Column Machining Center

This compact horizontal traveling column machine features a fixed table. Designed for the threading the ends of large diameter 40 foot long pipe.


Key Machine Features:

  • Fixed table with a load capacity of 10,000 lbs
  • 50 taper horizontal spindle
  • 30 HP spindle with 2 speed gearbox
  • Automatic part probe measuring system
  • Custom macro programming.


Please contact our expert staff for more information and help with finding the best solution to fit your needs.

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