Machines for the Toolroom

Toolroom Milling and Turning

Fryer Machine Systems builds a full line of high quality, American made toolroom bed mills and engine lathes designed for fast and efficient production of short-run and one-off parts. User friendly, conversational software and unique manual automatic operation making these machine ideal for the toolroom.

Toolroom Milling

The Fryer MB-Q Series is the ultimate mill for your toolroom applications. Built to be the most accurate and reliable machine of its type, it is also extremely easy to use. Equipped with a manual quill and manual handwheels, the “Q” Series gives you the flexibility to use in manual, semi-CNC or full-CNC modes. The conversational control makes programming easy so even one off parts can be done quickly and efficiently.


The Fryer MB-R Series is the perfect mill for jobshop and toolroom applications. Equipped with a rigid spindle and optional tool changer, this machine is capable of single or multi part production. The user-friendly control allows fast and efficient shop floor programming. Rigid box way construction provides high performance cutting provide the perfect complement for your shop.


The Fryer MC-E Series provides fast, reliable performance in a compact footprint.Standard features like box way construction, 20 tool double arm ATC, 8,000 RPM spindle, 1,000 IPM rapids and digital drives make these machines an outstanding value.


Toolroom Turning

Designed by toolmakers for toolmakers, the Fryer Easy Turn Series provides rugged construction and high accuracy in a compact toolroom lathe. The Easy Turn is easier to use than a conventional lathe yet offer the productivity of a CNC. Time consuming manual set-ups for threading, chamfers, and contours are eliminated by the Easy Turn’s handle driven “Do One” cycles and electronic stops.


Heavy duty construction distinguishes the Fryer Large Capacity ET Series lathes. Designed for applications where high rigidity is required, these machines can be custom configured for your most demanding applications. Easy to use operator interface allows simple shop floor programming for one-off parts. High performance drives and motors combine with standard G-Code interface allowing production to run smoothly and efficiently.


Fryer Machine's XL Series lathes provide the ultimate in performance for your large part machining needs. These wide bed(30") heavy duty engine lathes provide incredible capacity to handle the toughest jobs you have. Designed as the heaviest machines in its class, these machines feature centers distances up to 240" and spindle bores up to 16". Innovative features like live tooling, C axis, hydraulic tailstock, automatic chucks and auto steady rests allow you to customize the machine to best suit your application.


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